07 counseling

Are you looking for relief from anxiety, depression, past traumatic experiences or adjusting to life’s difficulties for yourself or a loved one? Do you feel that these challenges are holding you back from becoming the best person you hope to be? Envision what it would feel like to find that peace of mind that you’re seeking? To live your best life in the different roles you lead? To replace anxiety with calmness, replace feelings of hopelessness with feelings of joy.

If this is something you’re seeking, we hope to utilize my experience and client-centered approach to provide individualized treatment methods to reach your goals. We will work hand-in-hand to harness your best self and overcome the challenges that are most distressing.

In order to accomodate my clients, there are several therapists who provide evening and Saturday appointments to fit busy work or school schedules and who speak Spanish. Reach out to see if we can support you or your loved one to find that peace and joy you deserve.

individual counseling

Are you looking for individualized therapeutic support? 

We all need a trusted therapist that can work by our side to provide a safe space to seek solutions to any distress we may be feeling. 

Family counseling

Trying to find the right balance to your family's needs?

Families are a complex system that is based on mutual respect, love, and nurturing. Sometimes families go through adjustments which need professional help to find their 'new' normal. 

group counseling

Seeking a place to find people that have similar life experiences or struggles?

The therapeutic power of a nurturing group can be all we need to feel heard and supported. Come find out if that's what you may be missing. 


These evaluation can provide support with the following circumstances:

  • Extreme Hardship Waiver

  • VAWA (Domestic Violence)

  • U-Visa (Victims of Crime)

  • All types of asylum cases

  • T-Visa (Victim of Trafficking)

  • DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)