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credit/debit/HSA card processing info

As a payment option for our sessions, you may keep a credit card on file with me via Ivy Pay, a credit card processing service. Here are the  Terms of Use for using Ivy Pay 



  • No need to bring your card to session. 

  • HIPAA-compliant for client confidentiality

  • Your credit card information is securely stored with Ivy Pay. I do not have access to your payment information. 

  • Past charges and payments can be reviewed via a text message thread

  • Card information is only entered once (unless you need or wish to change the card)

  • No need to download an app 

  • You can change or remove your credit card at any time.


The service works simply: 

  1. I prompt Ivy Pay to text you a private, secure link leading to a page where you enter your card information. 

  2. After future sessions, I use Ivy Pay to charge the stored card and you will receive a confirmation text each time a session fee is charged. 

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