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09 clinical  supervision

 Supervision is a considerable commitment that requires an aligned approach that will consist of the best supervisee-supervisor fit that will grow intentionally over time. Having been in a supervisory relationship in different capacities, I have an  understanding of how to support a supervisee in their own development while honoring their capacity, strengths, and resources.  

Working within one’s scope of practice is an ethical consideration including having proper training and qualifications to provider supervision. I am an LCSW-S (Licensed Clinical Social Worker-Supervisor) with experience in different types of psychotherapy and somatic treatments. I have experience working with children, adolescents, adults and family systems in different environments for over nine years. 

Capacity-building is a major component to supervision and I consider that working as a guide-by-the-side, you can grow into your own resources and strengths. Lastly, I embody a relational-cultural theory for how I work as a supervisor to validate your lived experiences and how that informs you being a social worker.

Contact Juan to see if he is a good fit with your supervision search. 

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