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A school system is full of students, teachers, volunteers, support staff, and community partners. To ensure that everyone is in alignment, we need to ensure that our messaging is presented in a way that honors their needs and experience. I am able to use his years of presenting in front of several stakeholders, from district leadership to caregivers, and provide dynamic presentations that provides messaging tailored to the intended audience.

I have had the opportunity to present to district leaders, administrators, teachers, support staff, students, and caregivers on a myriad of topics. I promote a dynamic, individualized, and interactive presentation. To ensure he meets the needs of diverse communities, Juan is able to present:

  • In Spanish

  • In the evening/Saturday

  • At any Houston-based school or community center

  • To small or large groups, including:

    • Focus Groups

    • PTO/PTA

    • Staff Professional Development



Educators consistently seek to provide the best professional development to their stakeholders.  



Students need support in different ways. A presentation can provide a visual and auditory way of being presented that support .



Caregiver/parental engagement is a necessary to a successful school. True academic and socio-emotional health is achieved when caregivers are engaged. 

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