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01 our why

Sazo Counseling & Consultation exists to honor and provide supportive therapy and knowledgeable consultation to individuals, families, and communities of all backgrounds and lived experiences. 


02 our how


We help make sense of what you're going through such as anxiety, depression, past traumatic experiences or life’s stressors and provide tools to help get back to living the life you hope for. 

We provide a safe and non-judgmental space where we take a guide-by-the-side approach. We offer supportive feedback and challenge when appropriate to get you where you want to be.

We value your diversity and lived experiences, we attune our therapeutic goals to ALL of you. We believe our clients are experts in their own lives so we work to harness your strengths to find healing on your terms.  


03 our stories

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caregiver of 15 y.o. daughter

"Juan is a wonderful counselor! He has helped our family better communicate in a comforting environment. We highly recommend." 

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adult client 

I want to recommend Juan 100%! He has been helping me in various aspects of my life and I have managed to have more control in the different situations that are presented to me. Following his advice and strategies, I have had favorable results. Thank you!!! 

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caregiver of 12 y.o. son

"Juan has been working with my son for a few months, I've noticed such a positive impact on my son's life - thank you for being so understanding and super helpful always going the extra mile. My son enjoys coming to see his counselor, more than just a "counselor" he's been a friend that my son can trust".

04 our services

"Our emotions tell a story of our needs. Through careful attention, compassion, and acceptance; we can begin to listen and allow fruitful change to occur."   -Juan Sazo

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