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As a counselor, my goal is to empower individuals, children, teens, or adults, through a solution-focused brief approach along with client-centered and cognitive-behavior therapy techniques. Through evidence-based practices, I want to encourage and collaborate on certain techniques to work toward specific goals and overcome individual challenges.


Do you feel that you or your child struggle to manage emotions, such as anxiety, grief or loss? Are these feelings creating obstacles and challenges throughout daily activities? Can you picture a life feeling peace and understanding of dealing with life's adventures, if so, is there a clear vision of who that person looks like? Replacing feelings of anxiety or grief with a sense of calmness and hopefulness throughout the day. Living each day with intention and purpose to give each day meaning.

In order to accommodate busy work schedule,I provide online, evening and weekend appointments to fit your schedule. I would love to work alongside you more to find ways on how I can best serve you. If you feel that I could help you at all or have any questions, feel free to reach out with questions or concerns.

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