Meeting the needs of all stakeholders is key to a flourishing school.

A school system is full of students, teachers, volunteers, support staff, and community partners. To ensure that everyone is in alignment, we need to ensure that our messaging is presented in a way that honors their needs and experience. Juan is able to use his years of presenting in front of several stakeholders, from district leadership to caregivers, and provide dynamic presentations that provides messaging tailored to the intended audience.

School Consultant

Juan has had the opportunity to present to district leaders, administrators, teachers, support staff, students, and caregivers on a myriad of topics.

He promotes a stengths-based and a cultural humility lens to his presentations and ensures to make it a dynamic, individualized, and interactive interaction.

To ensure he meets the needs of diverse communities, Juan is able to present:

  • In Spanish
  • In the evening
  • At any Houston-based school or community center
  • To small or large groups, including:
    • Focus Groups
    • PTO/PTA
    • Staff Professional Development


Educators consistently seek to provide the best professional development to their stakeholders. Reach out to see if he can help out with your next presentation need.


Students need support in different ways. A presentation can provide a visual and auditory way of being presented that support . Reach out to see if Juan can help out with your next presentation need.


Caregiver/parental engagement is a necessary to a successful school. True academic and socio-emotional health is achieved when caregivers are engaged. Reach out to see if Juan can help out with your next presentation need.